Wednesday, August 03, 2011


I don't remember if the above sculpture was installed when I was at SLU in the late 90s. It is on displayed on the north side of the Pius XII Library. Call me "old fashion" but you would never find me sitting outside in such position no matter how desperate I needed a healthy dose of sun!

I will always remember the first time I walked up to take a close up photo of the above sculpture in front of the Simon Recreation Center. I almost dropped my camera on the pavement. You could either enlarge the image (it might be blurry) or use your imagination to make an educated guess what made me almost dropped the camera! I did not make the same mistake last week. Besides, I would not post the close up image of the sculpture anyway!

I thought the above scuplture "Caduceus", a symbol of the medical profession would have been more appropriate to be on displayed at the medical building/campus.

I always like the above sculpture. I think it has been there for many years. Next time I need to find out who the artist is.

The above scuplture reminded me of Huckleberry Finn. It might be a new piece or perhaps I did not see it when I was on campus a few years ago. Maybe it was raining the last time I was there and I had to walk/run quickly back to the parking lot.

The above and below are new (to me) and I like both of them.

This piece reminds me of my sister and brothers of our trips to the library and because we all enjoy reading. It brings back fond memories when we were in Viet Nam and the times when I used to read and explain the funnies in the newspapers to the delight of my sister and brothers who not yet learned to read. Also, I would give them lessons before they were old enough for regular schooling.

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Nonna Beach said...


It is funny what you remember and what you were too busy to notice...some of those statues I could do me old fashioned too !

BTW, that first statue looks like it's head has a Chia plant growing out of it ( really it's the plants in the background ! )


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