Monday, August 15, 2011


We were driving to Hermann, along the Missouri River when I saw what looked like a giant ruler hanging vertically on the tree. My husband was very accomodating when I asked if he would safely pull over so I could take a photo. There were markers on the ruler but we could not figure it out what the numbers was supposed to be. Surely if the river rose and reached the top of the ruler, it would be more than 3.4 feet high. Would anyone who is an expert be able to provide an answer? Then I thought even if the river got up to 3.2, we would all be under water and it would not matter beyond that. I also thought with all the wickedness in this world, I am surprised that God has not already wiped out mankind from the face of the earth with another Flood. Maybe I should look around for Noah to ask where the Ark was supposed to be, just to be ready!

The Missouri River looked so calm yet deceiving. The water might be flowing gently, then I saw how swift the current was when it carried a big tree branch as if it was a little stick.

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