Friday, August 19, 2011


We stopped by an Estate Sales last weekend. It was in the Ladue area. Google it and you will find that Ladue was named one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in America. It was a big house and there were a lot of expensive items in all the rooms. I often wonder what happened to the people who used to live in the house. Did they pass away or move into a nursing home and had to leave everything behind? There were items from countries around the world that the owners collected from their travelling days or given to them as gifts. I bought two notebooks, both brand new. It was marked $1.00 for the "Thoughts and Memories" and $1.50 for the green cover Journal. I flipped thru the blank pages and wonder whether the person was given these items or the notebooks were bought with the intention to write down the thoughts and memories after loved one passed away but somehow were never written down.
The sticker on the upper right corner explains "Journal - A special place to capture memories, thoughts, and feelings about a loved one who has passed.". The pages inside were empty, was it too painful to put into words or the journal was misplaced and forgotten? Whenever I looked at the clutter around the house, I wonder what my family or strangers from the estate sales company think about me when they sort thru the earthly possession I had accumulated. Would they question who I was as a person or they just mechanically decided how much each item was worth and not the memories that was part of my life? How do I want to be remembered and what do I want to say right now to those I really care about? Thoughts and memories are just empty pages at an estate sales. Don't wait - Write down now by living and filling the pages in your life each day to the fullest.

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