Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Last week at a business meeting, I met a person who recently moved to St. Louis from New Orleans. I told her about my visit in May to the Big Easy and how much I enjoyed the town. For someone who is usually considered a "stuffed shirt", I sure had a great time moving to the music while walking around the Quarter.
Perhaps deep-down I am really a wild party animal who loves to drink, dance all night having a great time with no responsibilities whatsoever! I wonder if I was a talented musician, would I dare to live a carefree life as a street performer? I watched the lovely young lady playing her violin performing a classical music note (it might be Tchaikovsky) with an upbeat tune. I smiled when I saw her roller skates, another symbol of being carefree, fly away wherever and whenever she wishes.

The tourists gathered around and most in the audience was impressed with the little boy (below photo) making all the right gestures as if he was really playing the horn. Someone commented that the little boy was part of the act and that he was not just a passerby. I did not stay around to find out and I did not care to know if it was just an act. I was on vacation with my sister, and having fun watching the kid "performing" was good enough for me.

When I first came back to St. Louis, I could not stop talking (and posting) about New Orleans. I am still excited when talking about the town. Maybe because when TOTA was in NOLA, there was a lot of HAHA :)

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