Monday, August 01, 2011


It has been a few years since I last visited my alma mater, Saint Louis University. Last week I had a meeting there and since I was half hour early, I decided to walk around the campus. It was a beautiful sunny day with the temperature almost in the 100s. Except for the SLU Ambassadors giving tours to groups of prospective students and their parents, the campus was almost empty. Summer classes were ending and incoming students have not yet moved in. I dreamed of living on campus, attending classes, and walking back to my dorm. I also dream of having tuition, boarding, meals and everything paid for by someone (i.e. parents) - haa haa

There it was, the familiar clock tower, the inviting water fountains against the clear blue sky. I remembered so well the times when I was late for class because of traffic (it took 40 minutes from my home to SLU), then unable to find a parking spot in the nearby designated lots for students, looking up at the clock hoping that it was wrong. The clock still keeps very good time!

I remembered walking by and felt envied toward kids who had the luxury of sitting around, laughing and having fun with their friends. I had to rush to class or to the library, and to get to my assigned duties as part of requirement for the scholarship. I was never able to just be a student, concentrate on my study, getting good grades, without having responsibilities of anything else.

I don't remember if the above sculpture was "Pam". I do remember "Tim" was the one below.

When I was at Hunter College, I worked during the day and took evening classes the first two years. Then I got a job as data entry operator (Does anyone remember those IBM punched cards?) working from 4pm to 11pm. I was able to take classes that normally offered only during the days. One summer I registered for 12 credits because I wanted to finish my degree. Don't ask me how I was able to pull it off with all As while working full time. When there's a will there's a way!

Above is Xavier Hall where most of the communication classes were held. The offices of the professors in the graduate program were still on the third floor. Only the office staff and a research assistant were there. Most of the professors were still out on their summer schedule. The mail boxes were in the same corner next to the copy machine. I wrote a few quick notes and put them in the slots. I might come back next month, pretended to be a carefree college student, sit on the steps by the clock tower, do nothing and just watch the world go by!

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Nonna Beach said...

School memories and a nice tour...what a nice way to spend my time 'cause I can't sleep yet...thanks so much for sharing your impressions of those times and wanting to revisit them !

All A's and working full time ? Bravo !!!


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