Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Believe in yourself even when no one does.
Believe in your ability to create a bright future even when someone told you that, "You don't have any skills. You don't have an education. You don't even speak the language. No one will give you a job."
Believe in your mind that you would be able to obtain a college degree even when someone said, "Let's see how long you will last working full time and attending school at night."
Believe in your strength as a proud American, in your rights to defend your liberty and freedom, especially when someone wanted you to "move to the back of the bus".
Believe in your courage defending your dignity and honor when someone humiliated you because of the color of your skin.
Believe in your fight when someone disciminated against you because they thought as an Asian woman you were supposed to be quiet and submissive. They thought you were "confrontational and demanding" and how dare you asked to be treated with respect.
Believe in your ability to overcome setbacks. Remember that setbacks are not failure, only if you allow yourself to be defeated.
You have survived and rose above many tribulations - you have experienced tremendous hardships, more than an average person could even image.
Believe in the kindness of others. Believe that there are more good-hearted people in the world than those individuals who cowardly looked the other way even when they knew a morally wrong act was committed.
Surround yourself with those who lift you up. Avoid those who tear you down or those who allowed evil to triumph by doing nothing.
Remember to return kindness to those who needed a helping hand and to let them know that they matter.
Give thanks to God for His blessings. He will provide what you need. You might not know what His plans are but they will come according to His schedule, not yours.
Today is the 32nd Anniversary of my family coming to America and I celebrate this special occassion with these self-affirmations, believe in myself even when no one did.
And to YOU - Happy New Year - Believe in yourself and make 2012 your year!

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