Wednesday, January 04, 2012


Peace and Joy or Joy and Peace, from whichever side you are reading (left to right or right to left), I do wish you will have both, not just for the New Year but all the coming years.
I went to a holiday craft show and "won" the above ornaments as attendance prize when my raffle ticket was drawn - yippee! I did not make any purchase nor was looking for any particular item. I like going to craft shows to see all the creative items "crafty" people make using various resources, especially recycled materials.
Personally, I pray for a peaceful heart, less anxious and worries about things that might never happen. I try to be at peace with what happened. Being at peace does not mean you gave up or stop fighting. Having a peaceful heart gives me the strength to leave "the ugliness" behind, to move forward and to make better decisions.
I pray for joy in whatever I will be doing on the new journey.
Here is to joy and peace in whatever your new year resolutions will be or your future plans in your career and in personal goals.

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