Tuesday, January 24, 2012


We have a small backyard and it is facing a rather busy two lanes road. Surprisingly the land still attracts wildlife such as deer (In 2007 our deer daughter June came to stay with us while giving birth to our deer granddaughter Heidi), squirrels, (my husband specially despises chipmunks), cardinals, blue jay, sparrows, yellow finch, hummingbirds and some kind of big black birds which we don't care too much. It all started around April of last year when I saw the yellow finch by the fence and decided that I wanted to see them "up close and personal" by the patio. They probably have always been flying around in our backyard but I never took the time to look out the kitchen windows. It must be old age that made me realize that I must take time to "smell the roses" or "watch the birds". We put out one feeder specifically for the finch and another feeder for hummingbirds. Currently we have one feeder for cardinals and one for blue jay. A bag of 20 lbs feed costs about $12. It just occurred to me whether we are becoming like the government with all the social (entitlement) programs that create dependency and a system that rewards people for being "freeloaders". Perhaps we should stop providing and let the birds fly around looking for food as nature intended. Don't the birds in the above photo look obese to you?

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