Friday, January 06, 2012


I did not watch the Rose Bowl football game between Oregon and Wisconsin and I only watched part of the parade. I just thought the above photo taken in July 2010 when we were outside of the Rose Bowl Stadium in Pasedena, California and other photos from the same trip were fitting for the first 2012 Friday Sky post. The Rose Bowl game is traditionally played on New Year's Day, same as the Tournament of Roses Parade, but since January 1, 2012 fell on Sunday, the game and the parade were scheduled on Monday, January 2nd.

The water tower with the "Historic Route 66" shield was more than just a welcoming sign as we drove straight into Kingman, Arizona. It was comforting whenever we saw the landmarks mentioned in the guidebook. We needed to know that we were on the right track. We did not mind the few times when we were off course and had to turn around. But when the temperature was over 100, we were hungry and have driven the whole day, finding a town with plenty of eateries and cold drinks definitely made a person feel better!There was little chance of missing the giant US Route 66 shield outside the National Route 66 Museum in Elk City, Oklahoma. On the complex, there were 2 giant Kachinas in front of the old Trading Post. Visitors could walk around the Old Town Museum, sort-of an outdoor museum, that included buildings depicted what was once life on Old 66, auto camping with old vehicles in the desert, neon tourist courts, motels, diners and gas stations. Murals, memorabilia and recorded narration provided stories of the Mother Road.

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