Sunday, August 26, 2012


Benjamin is back by popular demand from "millions" of comments and a strong campaign organized by Qaptain Qwerty.  It was truly a touching gesture to show Benjamin that he was not forgotten or tossed aside like an old toy!  Above is Benjamin at Stone Mountain Park in Georgia. 
Here is Benjamin (a bit dark/tanned from being out in the sun) before boarding the Great Smoky Mountain train ride.
Safer in number - Mitchell, Benjamin and JoJo "riding" along in the Mayberry patrol car.
 Last Friday (August 17th) I had another vertigo episode.  The first time I experienced this strange feeling of "spinning" was a little over 2+ years ago and the second time was early last year.  This time, the incident happened after a busy week with many meetings at work and also a few evening activities.  I was feeling fine up to around 3:15 p.m.  We had a 1:00 p.m. meeting and when the meeting was over, I got up from the chair and almost fell over.  No one saw or even if they did, they probably thought I was just being clumsy.  I managed to walk back to my office, but the dizziness combined with nausea and stomach pains continued.  I decided to inform my supervisor and then call my husband to come and pick me up.  Good thing CP was off that afternoon and just came home from a round of golf.  We called my family doctor on the way home and went straight to Doc, expecting the worst.  Of course, I felt so silly after the exam, Doc told me that it was just another episode of vertigo.  I kept apologizing for keeping Doc and his assistant working past 5pm on Friday.  When we got home, I was able to got rid of "lunch" or whatever that did not agree with my stomach and immediately felt better.  After a few hours of rest, the dizziness went away.  I took it easy the whole weekend, cancelled most of the plans and only attended the company picnic. 
I am pleased to report that we won a prize from the picnic.  It was a Cuisinart Countertop Cooking Slow Cooker.  The Crock-pot comes with a 6.5 quart oval ceremic pot, glass lid, cooking rack, stainless steel housing with cooking time display, timer control, indicator lights for cooking and warming settings.  A cookbook was also included.  I am ready to do some serious cooking - haa haa!

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Linus Ly said...

Glad to hear you are OK after the vertigo, but CH once told me vertigo is just a term to pin on something that the doctors could not determine the cause of. Yay for Benjamin!


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