Monday, August 27, 2012


I did not see any dog in the car so I could not tell whether the plate was meant for the animal or the owner of the vehicle as a fan of the Bulldogs-the football team of University of Georgia!  There are many intepretations - "One Ugly Dog", "One University of Georgia Alumni Dog", or "One University Guard Dog".  (Admit it, you probably thought, "TOTA, you are so vain", when you first read the title - I am not ugly, I am beautiful - did you?) 
If you want to talk about being vain - this little dog sure had a big attitude.  When we first walked into the store (one of the many gift/souvenir shops along the boardwalk in Georgetown, South Carolina), the dog was "posing" with its cute face, big dark eyes looking straight at us.  As soon as I held up my camera to take its picture, the dog turned away. 
I thought the dog was being shy, but it turned its head again when I walked over to the other side.  I pretended to look at the items around the store while keeping an eye on "Mr. Fabulous".  As soon as I caught him in a "look at me, I am so cute" pose, I rushed over but I was not quick enough.  You could see from the photo below that he just lowed his head like as if he was searching for something on the floor.  As we walked out of the store, I turned around and saw that it went back to posing again!  

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