Sunday, August 05, 2012


Since I could not be in London for the 2012 Summer Olympic Games, posting these photos from the Centennial Olympic Park which was the location of the 1996 Games in Atlanta would be the next best thing; well, maybe not.  I will admit that I did not plan my schedule around the Games.  I watched a few events and only pay attention to swimming and gymnastic.  One of my co-workers really "obsesses" that she watched the competition on her iPhone during lunch.  She would be "announcing" the winners throughout the day from her cubicle. 
We had severe thunderstorms, strong wind and heavy rain last night.  I was a bit scared of the lightning, especially when it rattled the windows.  After the storm was over, a stomachache kept me up all night.  There was no pain in the lower right side, nausea/vomitting nor fever, so it was not appendicitis.  My trusted hot-water bottle and a few cups of herbal tea helped.  I felt much better this morning.  It must be a 24-hour virus or just exhaustion (not sure what caused the exhaustion since I have little responsibilities at the new job, no kids, no pets and I don't even do any cooking at home - haa haa).  It is sunny and a cool 70's here in STL.  Have a good weekend ya'll :)

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