Sunday, August 12, 2012


Sunday, July 8th - It was a beautiful day and we decided to sit back and enjoyed this performance of folk music.  We even joined in when the audience was asked to create lyrics from their favorite colors and together everyone sang.  According to the brochure, some of today's music maintains a similarity to the 19th century styles dominated by fiddle and banjo, with a blend from varied influences.  The music was brought to the mountains from the early settlers and over the years evolved into distinct styles from diverse ethnic groups of European and African identities.  
Peaks of Otter community began in 1766.  There were 20 families in the mid 1880s.  Visitors came to see the abundant wildlife (we did not see any), the high mountains, and as hunting destinations.  For hikers, the area offers extensive trail system and three peaks - Sharp Top at 3,875 elevation, Flat Top at 4,004 and Harkening Hill at 3,364, for conquering.  The visitor center was closed so we did not get to see the exhibit of early life in the mountains and the development of the Appalachian trail.    
Saturday, June 30th - After Ruby Falls, we went to Rock City and slowly "hike" up to the top of Lookout Mountain.  The view from the Observation Point was spectacular.  With the help of the plaque at the base of the See Seven States Flag Court, we could only see where the States were just in general directions.  It was time for lunch so we sat down on the Cliff Terrace patio listening to the music, enjoying BBQ pork sandwiches and cold lemonade.  These are the New Binkley Brothers playing one of the songs on their CD, "Old Chattanooga" or was it "Ragged but Right"?  For a second there I got so excited that we were being entertained by ZZ Top but when I saw they were not sharp dressed men, I knew they could not be from the same band!

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