Saturday, August 04, 2012


OK, I know Alisa from Displaced American ( would be laughing at my attempt to be sophisticate and cultural by putting a French word in the title of this post.  It has always been my wish that I was able to speak this beautiful language.  Every time someone asks me if I spoke French after they learned that I came from Viet Nam (the country was a French colony), I had to say no and used the excuse that I was born after the French already left Viet Nam.  I am still maintaining a good command of Vietnamese but has forgotten so much of Chinese Mandarin and Cantonese.  I also regret that I did not keep up two years of Spanish after taking classes at Hunter College.
Hey QQ, do you know that CH has been taking French classes?  She casually told us at dinner during our visit to A-town last month.  We were talking about which restaurant to go to for dinner.  CH commented that if we pick a restaurant and the menu is in French, she could help us selecting and ordering the items.  I really admire CH for always taking steps to better herself.  In addition to French classes, CH also works with a fitness trainer to improve her body strength.  (CH was born with muscular dystrophy)  CH told me she got rid of over 20 lbs and has been successful maintaining the right amount of calories by paying attention to the daily intake of food consumption.
With the air conditioners running at full force the last two months, there was no surprise that the power company AmerenUE, posted record quarterly profits and expect to do real well in the third quarter.  My husband said to remind him to sit down before reading the electric as well as the water bills.  I don't know whether to cry or to laugh since I have a few Ameren stocks.  As a stockholder, I could laugh all the way to the bank.  As a consumer, I cry when opening the electric bill.  I have the same dilemma with the cost of the gas price.  When the price of a barrel goes up, as a stockholder, I am happy.  But when I filled up my gas tank at the pump, I feel the pains of paying almost $4 a gallon!
I did not see the workers in the Conservatory so I could not pay a compliment that the staff did a great job at maintaining the Hot House.

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