Saturday, October 27, 2012


These are the photos from our Sunday Drive to Hermann, Missouri last weekend.  The town was not as crowded as expected being that it was Oktoberfest.  It could be because it was already 1300 by the time we got there.  The first thing we did was visiting our vacation home.  Well, we wanted to purchase the house, made an offer but the owner refused.  She did not have a horse or pony, so we could not threaten her that we would do harm to her beloved animal.  Besides, would that be illegal to put a bloodly head of a horse in someone's bed while he is sleeping?  
This would have been the view from our bedroom windows overlooking the Missouri River!
This would have been the view of downtown Hermann from our dining room!
We drove the T-bird to Hermann with the top down.  It was sunny and comfortable.  CP mentioned that he planned to put the hard top on to get ready for winter.  I need to check the storage room and stock up on supplies.  Last week while looking out the backyard, we watched the squirrels gathering nuts or whatever food he could find, my husband commented that it must be hard on the little guy.  "But he never had to worry about getting a job, working for a terrible boss/company, mortgage, debts, kids' college education or saving for retirement", I responded. 
This morning was a bit chilly with temperature in the 40s.  It got up to high 50s and was sunny most of the day.  Freeze warning has been issued for tonight.  I checked the weather in Gardiner, Montana and they already got snow there.  I called my Mom earlier and she told me that there is sufficient food and water in the house.  Let's hope "Sandy" won't cause major problems to the areas in her path.

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