Tuesday, October 23, 2012


These photos were taken last May (2012) when my sister CH came into town.  CH enjoys baseball and is knowledgable about the game while my area of expertise is hockey and football.  We had a great time and the Cardinals won that day, unlike what happened in the National League Champion Series - blah!
I uploaded these photos getting ready to celebrate the Cardinals winning game 5 on Friday (10/19).  They loss 0-5.  On Sunday (10/21), once again I was ready to publish this post with the title "CELEBRATIONS" in anticipation that the Cardinals would win game 6.  They loss 1-6.  The whole town got nervous but also excited with game 7 on Monday (10/22).  The Cardinals was eliminated with an embarrassing final score 0-9.  What happened? 
It was not at all comforting to hear comments such as "The Cardinals had a great season.  They should be proud of what they had accomplished."  Well, it is one thing to hold your head high and your chin up but knowing you did not achieve the ultimate goal which was the World Series Championship.  And how do you explain that after a 3-1 lead, your team was eliminated?  What happened?
I was hoping that the 2012 WS would be between the Yankees v. the Cardinals.  My sister CH would come to STL and we both could go to NYC for the games.  But then I might be forced to choose which team to cheer for.  I would not have any problems now that the battle is set between the Detroit Tigers v. SF Giants.  This time, I will be sure not to upload any photos or making any premature predictions!

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