Monday, October 08, 2012

GO QAP GO !!!!!!

 I got my copy of Runner's World November 2012 Issue and have been telling everyone in St. Louis that I know Qaptain Qwerty, the World Famous Runner from Brooklyn, New York.  If you have not gotten your copy, you might be out of luck because the issue might be sold out!  Congratulations, Go Qap Go .......  
It was a cold morning today, only in the 40 when I was on the way to the doctor for an annual physical check-up.  I am pleased to report that all is well.  I got the same reminders from Doc - slim down, exercise more and don't read too much into any latest medical news (something is good for you today might become bad tomorrow).  After the exam, I spent almost an hour waiting to a blood test done.  Nothing serious, Doc just wanted to keep an eye on the cholesterol and as preventative measures.  The afternoon was warm in the high 50 but felt much warmer when standing in the sun.  Whether you got a day off or have to work today, Happy Columbus Day! 

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Linus Ly said...

How I wish I can Photoshop the picture to show me look less like I was walking...


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