Saturday, October 06, 2012


These photos were taken at the company picnic in August.  There were activities such as the "marathon" for kids in three age categories, 5 to 6, 7 to 9 and all the other 10+ years old.
To make it a little more challenging, each runner was given a balloon with instructions that they must pick up the balloon if they dropped it during the run.  Runners would race toward the spot marked with a red lawn chair, then turned around and whoever got back to the finish line which was the same spot as the starting line, would win the race.  My husband and I were asked to stand by the lawn chair to "officiciate" by telling the kids to turn around and run toward the finish line. 
We noticed one kid in a lime/yellow shirt holding a green balloon (above photo) took his sweet time at the beginning of the race.  Then half way thru the "marathon", he decided to stop and played with the balloon instead of continue running.  Only when the other kids turned around running toward the finish line, he started running toward the lawn chair.  We tried to encourage the kid to turn around and start running the other way but not only he did not listen, he sat down on the chair until his mom came over and carried him back to their table.  My husband made a comment about a certain politician who refused to listen to the people when we tell him that he is going the wrong way while leading our country in the wrong direction.  The option for this politician would be the same as with the kid who did not follow the rules - have his "mommy" take him out of the race!      

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