Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Benjamin at Lynn's Paradise Cafe that is!  You could see that Benjamin was still full of spirits from tasting all the bourbon at Wild Turkey as he did a "look Ma no hands" hanging on a golf lamp on the counter at Lynn's Paradise Cafe.  There are other funky looking lamps around the gift shops but I did not take any photos because it would not be appropriate to show these "adult content" lamps being that this is a family-oriented blog!
Congratulations to the St. Louis Cardinals on advancing to the National League Championship Series.  (Alisa, I was too quick with my prediction when I posted the comment on your blog.  The Cardinals was down 3-6 bottom of the 5th so I thought they would be eliminated.  They came back and beat the Nationals 9-7.)  I also spoke too early when I said to my husband that my NY Yankees will kick his Detroit Tigers' butt in the American League Championship Series.  Well, the Yankess loss the first two games in NY and with Derek Jeter out for season (ankle), I am not sure if there is any hope for the Yankees!
Regular readers probably noticed that I have not mentioned about the NHL lockout (again), all the games cancelled thru October 24th.  I am fine at this point but I am not sure what I would do when football season is over.  I think about it tomorrow!  Talk about football, my beloved Patriots loss to the Seahawks 23-24 in a very upsetting game yesterday, especially Patriots had 13-point lead with eight minutes left in the 4th.  Brady threw two interceptions, a few missed throws and safeties too deep in the play allowing Seahawks to throw and run the ball. 
Last week was the Knights of Columbus 2012 Annual Tootsie Roll Drive.  I helped on Thursday and Friday and both of us helped on Saturday and Sunday as well as after 10:15 Mass.  On Sunday, it was windy in the morning but we had clear blue sky and sunny in the afternoon.  Halloween decoration already is in full swing as I saw a few houses in our neighborhood got "t-ping" (toilet paper on the trees).  I wonder how this sort of prankster got started.  It is a waste of useful resource.  If only I could tell these kids what we had to do without toilet paper in the refugee camp.  We had to walk miles and miles to get to a spot in the wood, do our business and then .............

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