Thursday, May 29, 2014


My wish for the Cup to go back to Canada has to wait for next year!  Game 6 is over - the Rangers scored the only goal of the game and eliminated the Canadiens.  There will be no Game 7, but I am happy that my American Hometown New York Rangers will get their trips to the Stanley Cup Finals.  I don't care much for the Chicago Blackhawks but I want this year's Finals to be Original Six Match-up.  But it would be interesting if it is NY Rangers v. LA Kings for the Finals.  It would be East Coast v. West Coast rivalries! 
I am assisting the Firm with recruitment for a replacement for the secretary who will retire this week.  Since this person will also be providing assistance to me (plus two attorneys and a business manager), I will participate in reviewing resumes and during in-person interviews.  I mentioned the job opening to my professor at the College and she put the announcement on the bulletin board.  I already got a few resumes.  One of the candidates submitted a cover letter mentioning that she recognized my name from a meeting a few months ago.  Of course, I remember her name because I wrote her a nice email welcoming her to the Legal Studies program.  I offered to connect with her since she was a new student.  I never heard from this person.  I wonder if she expects me to put in a few good words, especially in her cover letter, she misspelled my name!
I believe and have always been respectful and courteous to everyone I meet.  I learned never treat anyone better just because the person has a fancy title or what I could gain from being associated with the individual.  Treat everyone with respect because you never know that person could be someone who makes an important decision to your future, whether employment opportunity or simply being able to make positive comments about you.

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