Monday, May 26, 2014


We have had “almost perfect” sunny and comfortable weather the whole weekend.  We took the T-bird for a ride each day.  We went to a few estate sales.  One of the places in Ladue, where wealthy people live, I saw their outdoor pool and it was bigger than my entire house!

On Saturday, May 24th, my husband spent the afternoon repairing the fence in our backyard.  The northwest section of the fence sustained damage during one of the storms earlier this year.  The strong wind knocked down a panel and broke a couple of the boards.   Today, Monday, May 26th, Ralphie spent almost the whole morning finishing up the repair.  The fence looks like new, well, at least it looks better without the big 4x4 holding it up.

Because of the typical hot and extreme humid summer in St. Louis, we don’t spend much time outdoor so this weekend we try to take advantage of the comfortable weather before the hot temperature arrives.  Today we ate lunch and again dinner out in the patio.  I got a couple of mosquito bites and my husband had none!  He said because I was so sweet.  I disagreed – I believe the mosquitoes were looking for Chinese food! 

When the hot weather finally arrives, we plan to spent time visiting the museum, going to the movie or simply staying in the basement!

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