Friday, August 14, 2009


We had a great time at Grand Haven Coast Guard Festival Parade. We "ran" into Rose and she invited us to sit with her family. The evening before the parade, Rose and many others were allowed to set up their reserved space with chairs and blankets. Initially, my husband and I planned to stand along the parade route waiting for Dan Bylsma. Rose was nice enough to offer us the chairs so it was very enjoyable watching the entire parade. My husband used to work with Rose's husband, Sid, in Muskegon, Michigan. We kept in touch once a year at Christmas time. We did not plan to visit anyone, but it was nice seeing Rose, Sid and their children again. Actually, their middle son got married last year and now has a 5 months old son.
The Parade was scheduled to begin at 11:45 a.m. and last until about 2:30 p.m. featuring local marching bands, community floats, Coast Guard bagpipers, local and state government dignitaries. We were among thousands of children and adults lining Washington Street in downtown Grand Haven waving and cheering as the floats went by. We all stood up when the veterans groups and United States Coast Guard Color Guard went by.
Just like any parade, there were legislators riding in classic cars, waving and smiling. Then it occured to me that after awhile, we could not tell the clowns from the politicians! We even attempted to make our points across to a senator who has not done much since he first got elected in 1990. "Senator Pork Barrell, please read the entire bill carefully before you vote on this so-called health plan", we called out and the senator responded, "I heard you, I will". When another went by, we again made our opinions known, "Congressman Say-Anything-to-Get-Elected, make sure you find out how to pay for it before you vote on any plans." (It did not matter that we were no longer Michigan voters). I was glad that we spoke up and reminded these politicians that they must listen to the people and that they work for the people. (Just for the records, we were not at the town hall meetings in St. Louis that made national news. We would not want to be labelled "angry mob" or "un-American". I believe it is juvenille and coward to play the name-calling game just because the people would not allow politicians to pass legislative that carry hidden agenda.)

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