Wednesday, August 12, 2009


As expected, the temperature soared over 100 last weekend. No surprise here, it is August in St. Louis except we just came back from Grand Haven. It was 70 degrees there with the low in the 60s when we walked along the boardwalk in the evening. The beach and the lake looked so inviting but we could tell that the kids were shivering from the cold water. We watched these boys having fun waiting for the waves rushing onto the end of the catwalk, then laughing while running away from the splash.
The catwalk looked so inviting, yet it could turn deadly. Almost every year, someone (sadly teenagers) got swept away when the large waves together with high wind crashing across and dragged the person down into the lake. There is a memorial plaque at the beginning of the pier for two young men, both 17, lost their lives in 1995 when the first young man got washed off the pier and his friend tried to help him but both were shocked from the cold water and then got pushed off further and further out away from the shore.
After a busy schedule in Grand Haven and all the driving and making so many stops along Route 66, we were so happy not having any plans this weekend. I stayed in all day Saturday. After the 10:15 Mass on Sunday, I went to the grocery store and again stayed inside the rest of the day. Too hot to be outdoor and it was one of those days when I did not feel like doing anything.
Here is Benjamin having a relaxing day on the beach, watching the mallards lining on a tree log while a lonely seagull chilling out on one of the wooden pylons along the marina. (I had to remind Benjamin that getting a suntan might not be good for his "fair" complexion - haa haa).

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