Friday, August 21, 2009


Standing at the corner of Surf and Stillwell Avenue, Nathan's Famous looked exactly the way I remembered seeing it for the first time in 1982 when we visited Coney Island, two years after we came to America. I was never able to taste the famous franks because they did not agree with my digestion system. You don't want to know how my body reacted, it is not pleasant!
Together with fireworks, Fourth of July also brings in Nathan's hot dogs eating contest. It is an international event since 1996 and the winners were usually rail-thin Asian persons, or even women, who would down more than 50 hot dogs in less than 15 minutes. However, last year and again this year, the winner is Joey Chestnut, an American competitive eater (I did not know there is such title) who ate 68 dogs with buns in 10 minutes, breaking his own records of 66 dogs with buns in 12 minutes in 2008. My stomach hurts just from typing about this event.
Legend has it the contest began in 1916, when four immigrants had a dog-off at Nathan's Famous in Coney Island to settle an argument about who was the most patriotic. Neer Sehgal won that bout, eating 13 dogs in 10 minutes.Read more:
How appropriate to have a glass painting of a hot dog in a bun as part of the decoration of the subway station. Was that blue mustard or ketchup on the dog?

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