Saturday, August 01, 2009


West on the North Outer Road of St. James (exit 195), right next to Route 66 Motors and Gift Shop is the original A & W Hamburger Family, left to right, not sure if it was the Teen or Baby Burger, Momma and Poppa Burger hoisting his frosty mug, all three holding huge fiberglass burgers. The family looks so out of place on top of a trailer/camper instead of above the A&W restaurant, welcoming diners looking for good food and cold drinks.

This Route 66 Motors and Gift Shop was known for displays of old cars, signs and antiques, was closed when we were there. A written notice warned "no trespassing" and a potential re-opening would be coming soon.
The motorcycle on top of the trailer (below) that serves as an attraction to bring in customers to a business that services motorcycles. What about the old sign Phillips 66 (photo above) next to a mobile home? I wonder how many travelers mistakenly got off the exit and thought they would be able to fill up their gas tanks, only to find out that it was an old sign in front of a gift shop, was it just another tourist trap along the highway?

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