Tuesday, August 04, 2009


It is true that time flies when you are having fun. The last three years, I have had a lot of fun writing, learning from reading other blogs, sharing thoughts on serious matters and silly subjects, being part of the blogging community, most importantly, connecting with family and friends. Please join me in the celebration of my little silly boring blog, TOTA, turning three today, August 4, 2009. As previous mentioned, special thanks to Qaptain Qwerty for his help getting TOTA started in 2006. My blog would not have been "success and well-known" has it not been for the encouragement and continued support from the Qaptain! Of course, deepest appreciation to all my adoring fans and faithful followers, known and unknown.
Recent visitors probably thought this blog is about a little doll named Benjamin, aka Babe of Brooklyn, aka Chubby Stanley (cousin of Flat Stanley). Well, it is summer and off-hockey/football seasons, so majority of this blog will be about Route 66 and Benjamin at roadside attractions on our weekend trips. Visit my sports blog at if you wish to see photos from all the hockey games we attended and most recently, photos from Grand Haven, Michigan - hometown of Dan Bylsma, Coach of the Pittsburgh Penguins, 2009 Stanley Cup Champion. (We saw and took a few photos of Bylsma riding in the Coast Guard Festival Parade.) I am sure the readers did not visit my blog expecting wisdom or intelligent discussions on how to solve the problems of the current economy, unemployment, energy costs, health care, illegal immigrations, solutions for the Middle East conflicts, the wars around the world or touchy subject such as racism. Since I don't have all the facts or level of understanding on these issues, I would not wish to write and comment on these topics. I would not want to act like an idiot for making remarks about those involved and then try to blame others for pointing out my "foot in the mouth" moment!
I finally read the instruction manual of my digital camera Sony DSC-W150 Super SteadyShot and learned how to set the Scene Selection to Fireworks mode. These photos were taken on Saturday night, August 1st during the celebration of Grand Haven Coast Guard Festival. More about our recent visit to Grand Haven, more about Route 66 and of course, the ever smiling Benjamin, in upcoming posts.

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QaptainQwerty said...

Wow, three, eh? Congratulations!


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