Saturday, December 05, 2009


Here are a few interesting roadside attractions we saw along Route 66 in Oklahoma that I highly recommend to my adoring fans. Below is the Blue Whale Amusement Park which originally was a swimming hole and "a gift Hugh Davis built in the early 1970s as a surprise anniversary gift to his wife Zelta, who collected whale figurines.[1] The Blue Whale (80-foot long with 2,520 square feet of painted surface) and its pond became a favorite swimming hole for both locals and travelers along Route 66 alike.
Originally, the pond surrounding the massive Blue Whale was spring fed and intended only for family use. However, as many locals began to come to enjoy its cool waters, Davis brought in tons of sand, built picnic tables, hired life guards, and opened his masterpiece to the public." How nice of Mr. Davis.

I often thought of my nephew JL, wonder if he would enjoy seeing these attractions and wish we could share these road trips. Below is the only wooden round barn in Oklahoma. It was restored in 1898. Anyone travels on Route 66 will not miss this impressive structure and a must-stop for a very nice exhibit of primitive farm implements, a gift shop and a large ballroom for rental on the 2nd floor. According to Butch, the barn-keeper, "No square dance in the barn!" - Why? Because it's a Round Barn - haa haa
Below is the 66-foot steel pop bottle scuplture, with a straw, weights in at 4 tons, at POPS, a new diner (opened in 2007) serving breakfast, lunch and dinner, and a convenience store/gift shop, featuring over 500 different flavors of soft drinks and a collection of more than 12,000 soda pop bottles. We plan to include in our next trip to pass by this landmark at night when the bottle is illuminated with brilliant LED lights that rotate up and down with various colors. Visit for a "refreshingly" pleasant surprise.
Photo below shows Benjamin went "nut" at the Nut House where fresh homemade fudge, plain and flavored nuts, jelly, jam, cookies, candy, salsa and special gifts, are being sold since 1968. We wish we had time to relax and take a walk among the pecan trees or just sit in the rocking chairs on the porch. We had to get back on the road, back to the "real nut house"! Visit and tell them Benjamin sends you!

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