Friday, April 09, 2010


Oh, the wonder of digital camera! With a 2GB SanDisk, I kept clicking away images, from different angels, of the pear trees lining the streets, more trees bursting with colorful flowers at the park, close-up photos under the umbrella of the flowers, against the blue sky, knowing that I have the luxury of keeping only those I like. No more incurring expense of developing negatives, not even printing (I don't remember that last time I printed copies of photos taken). These are a few photos I took last Sunday of the beautiful blue sky, the trees and the white blanket of flowers, and it was a comfortable sunny day to be outdoor. I used the sort-of new Canon camera my husband gave me last Christmas. I still have yet learned the touch screen feature. (Qaptain Qwerty knows I am slow when it comes to hi-tech stuff. Yet, surprisingly I am impressed with the iPad and actually considering getting one!)


QaptainQwerty said...

Cameras these days are nice, just be sure to have copies of them. I think you always put the photos on CDs so that's a good strategy.

I think the iPad would work for you. It's not advanced enough for the geeks but for the average consumer it should work well.

Top-of-the-Arch said...

Thanks, Qap, for your kind comment. I am glad that I am just an "average consumer"! I believe in "keep it simple", don't need to make it so fancy and complicating. Incidentally, I was getting ready to write about keeping photos on CDs because my dear husband kept his photos on the hard drive and his computer crashed earlier this week - God bless its soul - not sure how much the tech person would be able to recover - will keep you updated.
It is sunny today and we have plans to enjoy the good weather before it gets humid!
Have a good weekend,
TOTA - the average consumer in St. Louis :)


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