Monday, April 26, 2010


I am sure my adoring fans were concerned for my well-being upon hearing of the bad weather passing thru St. Louis area last weekend. A large funnel cloud was spotted directly over West County Mall (I-270 and Manchester Road). We live about 12 miles west of the mall. These photos were the dark sky before the storm and clear blue sky after it passed thru. The sun came out but the ground was soaking wet. Des Peres Road was down to one lane due to large tree branches and electrical lines down. Luckily, we did not lose power nor had any major damage in our neighborhood.
On Saturday, at around 4:00 p.m. as I was in the main bedroom getting out summer clothes and putting away winter stuff when the siren of possible tornado warning went off. I went looking for my husband and found him in the backyard working away at re-building the new patio. I said to CP that we should go down the basement. Of course, CP and his typical response, "Not to worry. The siren is only a warning. I would have come and get you if it looked like a tornado was coming." I said, "Then it would be too late. You could stay up here but I am going down the basement. Just like last time when you slept thru all the ambulance blasting, fire trucks and police cars in front of the house!". Good thing I did not depend on my husband for emergency situations! After the storm passed thru, CP proudly announced that he was right about there was no tornado and we are still safe in St. Louis.
This past week went by quickly (Has time ever slow down or we will forever try catching up?) and I could not recall what I did except going to work and watching NHL playoffs in the evenings. We are still on the "salad for dinner" plan that was started earlier this year. We fell off the wagon a few times when instead of the salad we thought we deserved a big filet mignon (just kidding) after a hard day at work. Last night, CP made chicken curry and I cooked the rice using the rice-cooker my brother TL gave us in 1989 for my bridal shower. It still works beautifully, mind you, it was not because I don't use it often - haa haa.

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