Wednesday, April 07, 2010


I found this lawn mower in our backyard near the storage shed when I came back from running errands last Saturday. My husband explained that he rescued it from our next door neighbor, JT who was the author of the handwritten note, "FREE to a good home. It still works (kind of). If you want it, take it!". JT told my husband what the problem was and CP, being a handyman, offered to fix the lawn mower at no charge but JT being "A typical hot-blooded consumer would go out and buy a new/replacement device." (quote from Qaptain Qwerty), already purchased a new mower. CP plans to repair and finds a good home for this machine. If you need a lawn mower and willing to come to St. Louis to pick this one up, let me know. We have one and don't need another lawn mower, that is for sure!

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