Friday, July 22, 2011


Sunday, July 3rd - From Rochelle, Illinois we continued on IL38. The above photo shows the condition of the current Lincoln Highway, two lanes country road, not smooth pavement. Normally we would not mind driving slowly to enjoy the scenery but we were hungry and needed to find a place to eat.

After what seemed to be "never-ending" miles of corn fields, we reached Creston, a town of less than 1,000. The good people of Creston painted many murals around town but I was so hungry that I only captured the two images (as shown at the bottom of this post).

There was construction work around the campus of Kishwaukee College but our persistence paid off after driving around a few times, we found the First Seedling Mile sign (below) across from the College. The Lincoln Highway Companion guidebook listed the sign located "at" the College. The sign probably would be moved back to the College after the construction work is done.

After Creston, we zoomed by Malta (not the Malta Island in the Mediterranean Sea) to get to DeKalb.

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