Monday, July 11, 2011


After crossing the Mississippi River, we entered the town of Fulton, Illinois, where in 2000, the town people built a windmill to honor their Dutch heritage. We arrived after 5:00 p.m. on Saturday (July 2nd) so the Welcome Center already closed. Visit to read more about the Windmill Cultural Center and schedule of educational tours.

I took photo of Lieke wearing his wooden Dutch clogs, all smiling, extended a warm welcome to all visitors. He must be tired from working so hard at the Dutch Days Festival (May 6 & 7, 2011). The festival is always held in the first weekend in May.

Hey Leontien (, I thought of you when I took these photos and this post is dedicated to you :)

I also would like to compliment the people of Illinois for the excellent placement of the red, white and blue signs. It was specially helpful when the road signs were right next to the "L" signage. The above photo showing Illinois 136 route ended and US 30 began whether we turn left or right was one of the great examples assisting motorists to quickly find out where we are.
Next to the Windmill was a nice park featuring interpretive panels (above) about Fulton and a dedication plaque (below). There was a walking path up to the top of the levee. We were able to see the Mississippi River and a nice view of the town.

We were getting tired and hungry so it was time to look for a nice place to eat and overnight accomodation.

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Nonna Beach said...

I am enjoying your trip so much. We lived in Illinois and never went anywhere except once to Chicago and then up to Milwalkee, WI. both times to have dinner with friends.


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