Tuesday, July 05, 2011


Most of you probably already knew that Joey Chestnut won the 2011 Nathan Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest took place in Coney Island on Monday, July 4th. In the female category was Sonya Thomas, winning the first ever Women's Championship. Chestnut claimed his 5th straight championship. Go to for more details about this American tradition. The next contest will be on Wednesday, July 4, 2012. So start practicing chowing down as many hot dogs as you could in 10 minutes if you wish to be a contestant :)

I took these photos last Thanksgiving (2010) when my husband insisted that we must have a Nathan's Famous dog for lunch. Well, CP had the dog and I could only have a cheese fries. I don't know what happened but I could no longer consume hot dogs. It started about 10+ years that I would have stomach ache, vomitting and spending time in the bathroom after eating a hot dog. I thought it was just that one time but after the third time getting so sick, I decided it would be best to "pass the dog" to others.
While we were standing in line waiting to place our order, a man in his late 50s, walked thru the door and stood behind us. His light blue shirt had a few stains, his white pants seemed to be on its last wash and his shoes were covered with all kind of industrial paints. He wore a faded Yankees hat that was hard to tell what the original color was. I pulled my purse closer to my body and gave my husband a "be careful, watch out for this guy" look.

The line moved quickly with three employees taking orders. Then we heard someone said, "Here, you could have this." The man I tried to guard my purse against offered us the coupon for $2 off. We thanked him for the coupon. The man placed his order to go and waited while we sat down at a table in the corner. I watched the "nice" man walked out into the busy streets of Coney Island with his lunch. My husband gave me the "Be careful - Don't judge the book by its cover" look.

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Nonna Beach said...

Hi, thank you so much for joining my blog ! This post made me laugh and think about my judgments of others at first sight but I still think you were justified to give your Hubs that "Beware" look, especially while in Coney Island. I have kind of an aversion to hot dogs now because:
1. They always upset my tummy.
2. The annual hot dog eating the heck do people do that and survive ???


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