Sunday, July 31, 2011


I mentioned in previous post that the towns along the Lincoln Highway in Indiana did not seem to care much for the famous highway. Once we passed the Ideal Section, after crossing the state line from Illinois, there were no monuments, red/white/blue markers painted on the telephone poles or even a simple sign of the big "L" to help us navigate along the unfamiliar country roads.

I was so glad to see the red/white/blue signs proudly displayed on the flag poles when we got into New Carlisle. It was a big help so that we knew we were on the right track without the need to keep checking the guidebook. An appreciation to the good people of New Carlisle in Indiana.

It was around 9:30 a.m. on Monday but it was July 4th so the street was empty with everyone being off work and probably still in bed sleeping. We walked around town and took these photos.

I love capturing images of Mom & Pop, family-owned shops in small towns. These businesses are an important part of the charm of Americana. It makes me long for those bygone years and "remember when" simpler times.

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Nonna Beach said...

How nice !

I love going into Ma & Pa stores on the road. They have their own special charm and personality and usually items you won't see anywhere else !


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