Friday, July 15, 2011


No, it is not an assembly line from my favorite show "Unwrapped" hosted by Marc Summers, a program broadcasted by the Food Network. This is the latest equipment recently installed at a local library branch in an attempt to be fully automated.

Since Qaptain Qwerty mentioned about NYPL Donnell Branch library, I am taking a break from posting about my recent road trip on Lincoln Highway to give an update on the changes at my local library. Instead of the traditional return box, library patron will slide the items in the slot (the slot will automatically open by sensor) as shown in the above and below photo. The items would be "sucked" in and then go along the conveyor belt (top photo). The machine reads the bar code and immediately records that the items were returned. Books/magazines would be dropped into the side bins while DVD or CD would travel all the way to the end to be deposited into a separate bin.

Hey Qap, this is the library branch (the Asian Center in the lower level) we went to when you were here. I am all for modernized and efficiency. The draw back from this automated return system is the misleading that the items might be recorded that they were returned and available for check out but they are not on the shelves because they are still in the bins waiting to be sorted and put back on the shelves.

No, I am not giving anyone "the finger" - just pulling the lid open to show the old system where you normally would drop the books/magazines and other items to be returned. The items would remain in the receptacle waiting for the librarian to take them out to record that they were returned and put back onto the shelves.

Only if the wall could talk, what interesting or boring stories would it tell?

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Nonna Beach said...

I'm all for automation too but must say hands off the library if it goes any further than this. Jobs will be lost and the library experience will be less personal. I love the smell of a real book in my hands, ready to dive in and read !


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