Sunday, May 13, 2012


Our backyard faces a rather busy two-lane secondary road.  The speed limit has been kept at 25-30 mph because there are three schools, a daycare center and two parks along this stretch between two major roads.  I was among the residents who spoke at a public hearing against extending the road to four lanes and increasing the speed limit to 35-40.  Our main reasons were the safety of the children.  Kids walking home from school and riding their bicycles to the parks.  Increasing the speed limit would encourage some motorists to zoom thru our streets.  Two years ago I my husband built the brick wall to replace the old rotten railroad tires along the fence.  The bushes have become overgrown.  Whether looking out the kitchen window or sitting in the patio, we notice that there are many walkers and runners passing by.  If we wanted to, sometimes we could hear the conversations between two slow walkers.
This year, we finally cleared all the bushes as you could see from the above photo.  Cutting the limbs into manageable size took almost the whole Saturday afternoon, a few hours on Monday evening and ten yard waste bags to get it all accomplished.  Are you ready for the "after photos"?

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