Sunday, May 06, 2012


Happy Cinco de Mayo to you, whether you are celebrating this holiday because of your heritage or simply just want to have fun drinking and eating delicious food!  It was a beautiful sunny day and I made the most of it. (QQ, you should sit down before continue reading - haa haa)  I spent the whole morning planting flowers.  I did not use garden gloves and really got my hands into the dirt.  After all the flowers were planted, I washed the patio table and chairs.  I felt so good after all the hard work was done.  I plan to spend time in the patio, sit back and read my books before St. Louis humid temperature starts.  (Alisa, I am sure you "fondly" remember June-September weather in St. Louis.)    
Hey QQ, remember this wooden bench?  No one tried to sit on it and fell down but I put the flowers there because I thought they would look nice and got plenty of sun.  (We used to be able to sit on the bench but after a few years the wood became rotten.  We kept it as decoration, just for the weather beaten look.)  I have enough flowers for one small pot by St. Francis.  CP also moved the bird feeder from the patio to the side of the shed because the birds made a big mess and and we were tired of them turning our patio table and chairs into their lavatory!   
My husband did a good job getting a mixture of different kind of colorful flowers.  There is a produce stand near where he works.  This time of the year, they also sell hanging baskets and potted flowers.  I am so proud of the work I did.  The flowers in the barrel and the red water pump gives our backyard a bit of country look.  The pump still works but we decided to leave it off for now.  I sure enjoyed spending time planting flowers and being outside on a beautiful sunny day.  I am really on the roll - maybe I should start a garden - NOT !!!!!!

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