Saturday, May 26, 2012


Just a brief note while my sister CH is still sleeping.  We have a full schedule today.  First we will visit the Lavender Farm (Last May when CH was here, we drove to the farm but it closed that weekend and most of lavender was already picked), lunch and back to the house before going to the Lantern Festival at the Garden.  We plan to be at the Garden around 3 to see the lanterns during the day, go to dinner at the Hill and then come back when the Lanterns are lit at 8.  I might have to drop CH off, park at another lot if there is no parking space at the Garden and take the shuttle back.
The airport did a great job with the repair from the tornadoes damage last year (January 2011).  I went straight to C gates out of habit.  The renovation was impressive and the area has a welcoming look.  There was an exhibit of tea pots using different kinds of medium.  Good thing I realized that Delta airlines arrivals are at A gates.  I quickly walked real fast over there and CH flight arrived about 10 minutes early so I did not wait too long (or good thing I was not still waiting at the C gates while CH waited for me at A gates)  After we got to the house, CH kept me company in the backyard while I gave the flowers and the arborville bushes plenty of water.  It is predicted that it would be hot this weekend.  We went to a local Mexican restaurant for dinner.  I even saw Captain BW from the police department there.  He made me feel so proud when he told CH of my involvement with the City.  I got to show off "my hometown" to my sister.  (St. Louis is now officially my 2nd American hometown.  BTW, the New York Rangers - my 1st American hometown team - was eliminated last night.  The New Jersey Devils advanced to the Stanley Cup Finals.  It will be East v. West Coast - NJ Devils v. LA Kings.)  I better stop talking about hockey as it might ruin this weekend with my sister.  (Hey QQ, no politics talking yet so CH and I are ok - haa haa!) 

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