Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Flying Apsaras (Above and below) lantern set showcases the beauty of the Chinese fairies, celestial beings in the form of female spirits.  The lanterns are forming an arched way with the flying apsaras surrounded by cloud, weaving colorful flowing dresses, playing musical instruments such as lutes, fifes or small drums.
This week turns out to be very comfortable with cool temperature in the morning and then warm and sunny in the afternoon.  My laptop is giving me trouble again.  It started a month ago when it shut itself off during a virus scan.  At first I thought it was the battery problem.  I removed the battery and just plug the laptop into the outlet.  It worked fine for a few days then the thing just shut down in the middle of a sentence I was composing for this blog.  Perhaps it is time to get a new toy!  Good thing we have the iPad and I could also use my husband desktop.  Technology is a wonderful thing as long as it does not break down. 
There are 150 light bulbs used in this Moonlit Pathway (Above and below) to form a rousing welcome entrance to the festival.  Visitors passing beneath this canopy of stars and moons would feel like royal or someone with lots of wealth and power.

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