Monday, May 07, 2012


It was a sunny Sunday with temperature in the high 90s.  It was not comfortable as yesterday because of the humidity.  After 10:15 Mass, we decided to visit the Apple Store as we have been considering the iPhone.  We are not happy with the current phone carrier which I will not mention the name of the company here.  The contract will expire in October, so we will have to wait.  We don't want to pay any penalty for breaking the contract.
After lunch, I planned to spend time outside reading but it was too hot.  The patio looks so nice with all the hanging baskets of flowers.  I stayed inside where it was cool and watched the Blues v. Kings game instead.  The Kings swept the series 4-0.  It must be a long and torturing flights for the Blues from L.A. back to St. Louis.  Later, I watched the Devils v. Flyers and I was happy that the Devils won.  It was Martin Brodeur's 40th birthday and he assisted on a goal so it was a good birthday for him.  It was a good and productive weekend.  I am ready for Monday, back to the rat race! 

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