Friday, May 11, 2012


This is sort-of a Friday Sky post - I hope you like my "artistic" method of photographing the flowers.  If you know what kind of flowers these are, please share with me and other readers.
We have been enjoying comfortable sunny weather all week long.  It is a nice change compared to all the storms that came thru our area a few weeks ago.  You might have heard about the terrible accident of the collapsed beer tent that killed one person and injured many others.  The man who died was looking forward to his daughter's wedding.  My husband has an expression "we are on vacation" whenever he wanted to do something that I thought too costly or that we should wait.  I used to think that he was just being silly.  Now I live each day as if I was on vacation.  It does not have to be spending money to accumulate earthly possession, just relax and "don't sweat the small stuff".  Every day is a good day for celebration because you don't know what tomorrow might bring.  Perhaps in my old age, I learned not to allow little things or anyone get to me. 
There is a really nice park near my new workplace.  I tried going there during lunch and walked around the park for about 20 minutes.  The park has a nice playground and there are always kids playing while their parents watching.  There are a few group of office workers, mostly women, that are regular visitors/walkers.  The area around my new office has variety of restaurants, plenty of stores, and many specialty shops.  The best part is a public library branch located within walking distance and I have been going there often.  A Happy Mother's Day if you are mothers and have a good weekend to everyone else!

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Linus Ly said...

Yay for public libraries! Some day I have to put together a "poster" showing the many libraries I photographed.


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