Monday, October 17, 2011


These photos were taken at the Cardinals v. Brewers game on Wednesday, October 12th. A very kind person gave us two tickets and we had a great time even though I am not much of a baseball person. But it is different when it comes to the playoffs. Especially how the St. Louis Cardinals being a Wildcard, trailing behind 10 games, unexpectedly won a playoff spot against the heavily favored-to-win Phillies. The Cardinals kept going, although some might even thought the Cardinals would be lucky if they did not get swept in the Division Series.
The fans received white towels with the Rally Squirrel printed on it. It was "real pretty" when everyone waved the towels and chanted "Go Cards". Again, not being a baseball person, you would think I must be drunk jumping up and down, screaming during the game!

Since my American hometown team, the New York Yankees and the Detroit Tigers were eliminted, it was only right for me to cheer for the St. Louis Cardinals. We have been living in St. Louis since 1995. That is almost 17 years ago. In a few years, I will be living in St. Louis in as many years as I lived in Viet Nam.
After sending the Phillies packing, the Cardinals casually took on the Milwaukee Brewers. Who would have expected the wild ride the Cardinals took to get to the World Series. Game 1 against the Texas Rangers would be scheduled for Wednesday, October 19th. Game 2 would be Thursday, October 21st. Both games would be in St. Louis at Busch Stadium.

Update - The Cardinals won 3-2 in Game 1. The Rangers came back with a win 2-1 in Game 2. It is 1-1 in the Series. Game 3 (10/22), game 4 (10/23) and game 5 (10/24) will be at Rangers Ballpark in Arlington, Texas. Hopefully, there will be game 6, back to Busch Stadium in St. Louis. Game 7 (if necessary) will also be in St. Louis. Go Cards!

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Alisa said...

You sound like the same kind of baseball fan that I am ;) But since they made it to the Series, I am following from afar and rooting for the Cards!


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