Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Here are a few more photos from our recent visit to St. Louis Zoo. When I first saw the above "art work" I thought it was real. My husband explained that sometimes predators such as tigers or lions would carry their kills up high on the tree to avoid having to share with other lions/tigers that are freeloaders, too lazy to get their own food.

Then there was the above hyena that stood so still like as if he was posing. There were about five of us taking photos. Only after we started walking away that the hyena moved. I waited but he did not laugh or even grin to show off his teeth!

It must be after feeding time because these two big cats took a long nap and did not move the whole time we were there. I went back trying to take a good photo of them walking around but no luck.

I would like to visit the zoo during the winter, especially when there is a thin layer of snow. It would make an interesting photo of the above leopard with the snow on the ground as if it was laying on a white blanket. Maybe this winter I will finally go to the zoo instead of keep talking about it.

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