Thursday, October 06, 2011


I am so happy I could cry because hockey season started, no NFL (football) lock-out and the Cardinals not only made the playoffs as a wildcard but advanced to the National Leage Series. (Ok, I was sadden that my American hometown team the New York Yankees were eliminated by the Detroit Tigers, my 2nd American hometown.) Above critter is not the famous squirrel that ran onto the field and then dashed across the home plate at Busch Stadium when the Cardinals v. Phillies game on Wednesday, October 5th. The Cardinals won the game and the squirrel became fans' favorite. (Some of you might remember the above was the squirrel that made holes on our plastic patio furniture a few years ago. We finally got a set of iron table and chairs. I would love to know what that squirrel told his dentist as to what happened to his front teeth after trying to take a bit out of our iron furniture.)

Not being much of a baseball person, I am glad that St. Louis Cardinals made the playoffs. It is good for the town. I am sure businesses in downtown St. Louis are grateful for the additional income. It would be interesting if the Cardinals and the Tigers meet again for another World Series. The Cardinals won the Championship over the Tigers in 2006.

I love the commercial with Christmas music playing in the background and the people are smiling, looking so excited while they are decorating their homes before the games. A voice came on, "It is like Christmas for football fans", that is so true! I was so happy when the lockout did not take place and the 2011-2012 NFL season started. A very nice friend who has season tickets is so kind to sell us tickets for the Rams v. Saints game on October 30th. How about them Detroit Lions, eh? After all the years being the joke of NFL, on the currently standing, the Lions are 5-0 being one of the two teams that are undefeated. Greenbay Packers is the other team also 5-0. The Rams are again struggling but I look forward to seeing Drew Brees when the Saints marching in to St. Louis on October 30th.

Of course, the most wonderful time of the year is when my beloved Detroit Red Wings come into town. Because the Red Wings always draw big crowd so the Blues v. Wings games are usually scheduled on weekdays and not weekends. Normally the weekends would have better attendance. NHL schedulers know that fans will attend the game if they schedule top teams on weekdays. October will be a busy month with baseball playoffs, football on the weekends and hockey games every other day - I am so happy I could cry!

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Nonna Beach said...

Your love of Hockey reminds me of the zeal my Dad had for the game...he loved it as a spectator and also played as a kid and young man on frozen lakes in New York state.

He and my Nana were avid Dodgers fans throughout my lifetime. I love the memories of them watching games on T.V. at home together, especially standing for the National Anthem with their hands over their hearts and singing along !


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