Sunday, October 23, 2011


These photos were taken from the Saturday when we were at the zoo. There were a lot of activities for the kids and they were excited when they saw these sort-of giant pumpkins. The zoo had to put the fence around these scupltures to keep the kids from climbing onto the pumpkins. Or sticking their little heads/arms/legs into one of the holes, got stuck and could not get out!

I bet these pumpkin faces are not as nice as the ones carved by the world-renowed artists, Benjamin and his young brother (but equally talented) Noah :)

Sunday, October 23rd - After Mass, we went for a Sunday drive in the country (to Farmington, Missouri). We stopped by St. Genevieve for lunch at Big Field Cafe. It was nice to see that the cafe was busy with both the locals and visitors. You could tell who were the locals because the owners recognized them and the subject of their conversation. We saw the before when the place was a mess, all gutted and now the after, how nicely the cafe is clean, inviting, decorated with art works from local artists. There is a gallery on the 2nd floor.

We were disappointed that the fall colors were not the bright red/orange, just the dull yellow, brown and a few red spots. It was nice Sunday drive in the T-bird, and that is good enough for us (well, more for my husband anyway!)

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