Sunday, October 09, 2011


Unlike other butterflies, the owl butterflies do not visit flowers for nectar, they prefer fruits as the main source for food. Can you tell how many gathered on the fruit tray of slices of orange in the above photo?

The owl butterflies are the largest butterflies and they got their name from the classic eyepot on the undersurface of their wings. During the day, they rest on tree trunks, on the walls, on the ground or on any surface.

In October, the Butterfly House features almost 100 blooming orchids and almost 2,000 owl butterflies from Costa Rica and Surinam got their "visa or working permit" to visit St. Louis during the month of October. The owl butterflies take wing in the evening in search for food and mates. I went to the Butterfly House on Tuesday when the Coservatory opens late until 7:00 p.m. We were surrounded by the owl butterflies flying in large group. It was a treat to see the owl butterflies in flight, in the dark. I saw a guest's head was almost covered by owl butterflies. He looked like he did not mind because they covered the areas where his hair no longer there.
I took these photos earlier in the day. The orchids looked so beautiful, especially with the sun shining, making the flowers so much more radiant.

It always made me happy whenever I visited the Butterfly House. Just seeing the colorful, beautiful blooming orchids and watching the butterflies in flight (so carefree so unconstrained) and for those moments, all my troubles seemed to be so far away!

Do you like orchids? Do you have orchids in your homes? Do you know the name of the orchids in this post? I will be sharing more photos of the butterflies and orchids in future posts.

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