Friday, December 07, 2012


Today is cloudy and a good chance of rain.  Yesterday I was comfortable in a long sleeve shirt as the weather was warm and sunny all day.  Walking to the store, I said hello and commented to a person, "Can't believe this is December" referring to the almost summer-like temperature.  She responded, "We are going to pay for it later."  I did not get a chance to ask her whether that was her prediction that we would have harsh and stormy winter as a surprise from Mother Nature or the worst drought coming next summer.  Perhaps we will not have to worry about the drought as rains will be coming the next few days.

Hey QQ, how about writing a Haiku poem for these sculptures?  I thought it was easy since there are many syllables in Aspiration, Evolution but it was rather difficult.

My husband continued to play golf on the weekend.  In fact he played both last Saturday and Sunday mornings.  We also went to the zoo to see the Wildlights display.  This weekend, we plan to go to historic downtown St. Charles or to Missouri History Museum if it rains, to see the exhibit about the life and legacy of president George Washington.  What are your plans for the weekend, the holidays and for 2013? 

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Linus Ly said...

Actually, the more syllables a word has, the harder it is to use it in a haiku. I even thought about writing a haiku about that very topic, something starting out with:

Five-seven-five constrain


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