Friday, December 28, 2012


More stories from our road trip on Lincoln Highway - we were driving along when we saw the red-white-blue "L" sign and the white pig with a black head.  At first I thought it was a real pig and commented about the pig being in the front yard instead of in the pen.  Then I got excited that it was a sculpture.  That made it even better as my adoring fans know that I love taking photos of public sculptures.  As we slowed down, ready to stop the car, Bluebell came charging from the house, barking and yelling "Rich people bad, poor people good".
Pointed to the pig, Bluebell continued yelling, "This is Napoleon, the beloved leader and he will lead the way to the promise land by taking from those who have too much to provide fair share to those who are in need and everything will be good."  (I asked Bluebell the question how do you define "too much" and "fair share".  Bluebell said that Napoleon, the beloved leader, makes up the definition.  Just like a certain politician who goes on fancy vacation while millions of American are jobless, homeless and unable to feed their family.  Supporters of this incompetent politician probably explain that he needs the fancy vacation in order to think well, and since his so-called work is brain work, it is in everyone's best interest that he should have his well-deserved and much needed fancy vacation.  Should his brain fail because he has been working so hard (without a fancy vacation and a few round of golf) the rich might take over.  That would be a very frightening option for the farm.
We decided not to get out of the car and just took the photos while slowly driving awayThere was no point trying to remove the invisible blindfold because Bluebell would refuse to see the false vision of reality that Napoleon has rewritten history, manipulate statistics in his favor, using lying and bullying tactics of a skilled totalitarian leader while "the farm" heading down the cliff.  Make no mistake about this, Napoleon will not be going down with the rest of the animals.  (All politicians, no matter which political party, are never on the side of the poor.  Politicians need financial backing.  Have you ever seen poor people like you and me at $1,000 a plate at fundraising luncheon?)  He will make sure that he will survive and avoid the impact which his failure policy has imposed on others.  Napoleon only is interested in his own power and never makes any contributions by doing any real work.  He does not care about what is good for all, but rather only his own good and what a new society should be under his regime.
When a politician tells you that he is fighting for you, working to make your life better and making your future brighter, don't be naive believing these empty words!  Be sure to watch where his hands are because they are most likely taking money out of your pockets!  

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