Tuesday, December 11, 2012


One, Two, Three penguins
Jumping left, then to the right
Much fun at Wildlights
We did not see these happy jumping penguins last year.  It could be that the display was there but sort-of hidden, away from the main walking path.
This week the temperature is more like December weather.  Yesterday morning it was in the low 30s.  Today it gets up to mid 40s by the afternoon.  It is cold even when standing in the sun.  (I bookmark Gardiner, Montana on my iPad and it has been snowing there.)   My husband's workplace offers free blood test as part of the wellness program to employees and family members.  My appointment was this morning.  The nurse had a hard time trying to draw blood from my small veins.  She was surprised that I watched her moving the needle around.  "You are a brave woman," she said, "because most of the people look away."  I just smiled and did not tell her that I wanted to make sure she did not take more than needed ;>)

1 comment:

Linus Ly said...

Was the nurse reading a Twilight book? Small veins, eh? I guess it runs in the family.


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