Thursday, December 06, 2012


The above sign says it all - Smile! It's a great day to be alive!  Especially when it is sunny and in the high 60s, almost mid 70s in the sun when I was taking pictures of the sculptures that are on display around the campus.
I registered and paid for the courses I will be taking in the Spring.  I could have gotten the tasks done online but the "geek" in me love the feeling of being on campus, talking to another human and watching students going to/from classrooms.  I will be taking Trial Procedures, Legal Research and Law Office Administration.  I decided to wait and get the textbook later because the cost might ruin the day and I probably will be crying instead of smiling! 
Just for these moments, I will be happy to be alive, to be able to see the world around me, to walk around in the sun, to be thankful for my family and those who are truly my friends over the years.  Just for today, I will forget about my fruitless job search, the "incident" that left a deep scar and at time feel like an open wound, the uncertainty of what will happen with the "cliff" and the possibility that the world will end on the 21st !!!!!!!!!
It always makes me feel good when I learn something new.  I learned that kore (plural korai) is the type of freestanding statue of a maiden that appeared with the beginning of Greek monumental sculpture in about 660 B.C. to 500 B.C.  Basically, the kore is a draped female figure carved from marble and originally painted, standing with feet together or with one foot slightly advanced and the arms are down at the sides (as below piece).
I am pretty sure this is not the ancient statue that the Greek police found in a goat pen near Athens.  The goat herder was arrested for illegally excavated when he tried to sell the 520 B.C. kore type marble statue of a young womanI learned another word, "pillaging" which comes from the verb "pillage" meaning looting, stealing, or plundering especially in war.
Smile, do not worry
Tomorrow a new story
You will be writing  

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